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Hi. Thank you for being here.

I have held off on writing an about me, because it felt weird. It felt weird because I was still dealing with insecurities that prevented me from speaking on my accomplishments. It still feels weird, but I am going to give it a try. 

I found myself in the wellness space after years, YEARS of struggle. Eating disorders, Autoimmune disease, and a long list of mental health challenges that I won't get into now. Basically I gave up on life, and I was waiting (slowly encouraging) my demise. I hated every single thing about me. 

I fell into yoga and fitness because it complimented my eating disorders so well. It was a place where my extreme eating habits and body obsession was celebrated. The times my body was most celebrated were the moments I was internally at my lowest. It was after a few trips to the ER for chest pain and my body being unable to perform physically that I was ready to get professional help. I started at attending an out patient eating disorder program and found a therapist. And then Covid hit. 

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